Friday, November 12, 2010

Funkhouser’s Wife Reflects On The Past And Works Toward The Future

Lisa Benson (NBC Action News) — As a wife, a mother of two, and a woman who spent 17 years teaching other women how to naturally give birth –there is a lot to 52-year-old Gloria Squitiro.
The real Gloria Squitiro is not the one depicted as a racist and who made headlines in Kansas City for “Mammygate” at City Hall.

“That was a 15 year friendship, the woman that accused me of that, I absolutely adored. It’s a horrible betrayal of a friendship, and to me personally, more than anything, that’s the worst,” said Squitiro.
Squitiro says she loves her family more than anything else, and sheepishly admitted that she prayed for a daughter 25 years ago. A daughter who’s wedding she’s now planning.
“The wedding is going to be beautiful. My daughter is allowing me to plan the whole thing.
And she will just merely be a bride,” said Squitiro.
Last Friday Mayor Mark Funkhouser announced his intention to lead the city for another term. An announcement made with his wife of 32 years by his side.
“He’s brought fiscal sanity back to city hall despite the worst recession since the great depression. You can’t take care of the people without taking care of the money. Funk says that over and over and over,” smiled Squitiro.
Words she loving calls “Funk-isms” because they come from the man we call mayor and the man she calls the love of her life.

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