Saturday, February 19, 2011 celebrates the Yael reference in "Funkomania" video

FUNKHOUSER TURNS TABLES ON STAR; SLAPS ABOUHALKAH     Almost from the day he took office, Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser has been attacked on virtually every decision he has made by the Kansas City Star. 
     And his chief nemesis has been editorial writer Yael T. Abouhalkah.
    Star insiders have told Bottom Line that Abouhalkah feels that he singlehandedly directed his newspaper to endorse Funkhouser in the last election. However, when the Mayor started to make decisions that did not agree with Abouhalkah and his minions, Abouhalkah took it as a personal affront.
   Since that time Abouhalkah's attacks have often been ugly and personal. Other Star staffers---worried about losing their jobs in the ongoing downsizing at the paper--- have joined the fray hoping they can keep their jobs. 
    Columnist Mike Hendricks may have taken it the farthest when he took very mean-spirited and personal shots at the Mayor in a column, calling him "horse-faced" with a "face only a mother could love." He later was forced to apologize.
    With the primary election set for next Tuesday, Funkhouser has turned the tables and produced a video where he pokes "Yael" and some of his opponents such as Sly James and Deb Hermann.
    Like him or not, at least Funkhouser has the integrity to actually to respond to the Star's repeated attacks rather than simply be directed by them as previous Mayors have done. He knows the Star will never be "fair and balanced" when it comes to him.
     Maybe the newspaper should try a little "Funkomania," which the creative video says "is a persistent impulse to tell the truth even in the face of adversity."
     It would be a pleasant change for the Kansas City Star.

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  1. I appreciate your sense of humour and your dignity even in the face of all the negativity (unearned negativity).

    It is hard to ignore the Star's totally biased daily jabs against you at the same time they play nursemaid to Deb Hermann.

    I grew disenchanted with The Star years ago when I witnessed firsthand what a dictatorship they have going. They would, really, do quite well in some third-world country where they could browbeat everyone into submission. I certainly have no respect for them or their opinions.

    In order for a newspaper to be effective, in my opinion, they have to present the truth about not only their views but also give others the opportunity to present theirs and sadly that doesn't happen with The Star. I've tried writing responses to some of their totally one-sided views and they are always ignored.

    No one, including The Star, can be effective if they have a totally biased blind-spot in anything. Their totalitarian regime seems to be falling apart and I can't say I will mourn their passing.

    Kansas City deserves a better newspaper and I hope the people listen to the truth and not the lies put out by The Star.

    I wish you every success in your clean and fair campaign. Your energy and determination are admirable qualities that serve you well.

  2. P.S. - Love your little dog, she's obviously a keeper!