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Mayor Mark Funkhouser Releases "Truth Watch" Video “Hallelujah The Funk Stepped In”

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For Immediate Release:  14 February 2011             

Mayor Mark Funkhouser Releases "Truth Watch" Video
“Hallelujah The Funk Stepped In”
I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them” - Adlai Stevenson

Mayor Mark Funkhouser today released a new video looking at opponent Jim Rowland's track record during his last stint on the City Council, and his recent claims about being a budget watchdog.

In the video, “Hallelujah The Funk Stepped In,” Rowland, a former Council member who quit in 2006 during his second term, boasts about being a budget cutter while he was on the City Council.
In the Truth Watch, the video notes that the city budget actually increased by more than 50 percent on candidate Rowland's watch.
In contrast, under Mayor Funkhouser, the city's former auditor, the city budget is in the best shape its been in through the last decade. Under Mayor Funkhouser's watch, the city has reduced spending by 5 percent, kept the city's debt stable, increased the size of the police department and reduced crime, and cut the city's tax rate.
“When I ran for Mayor, I promised to be smart with Kansas City taxpayers' dollars, and that's exactly what I've done,” Mayor Funkhouser said. “You can't take care of the people if you don't take care of the money.”
The Mayor plans to use his experience to continue the initiatives he's spent four years honing.
“We've stabilized the budget, we've restored professionalism to City Hall. Now we're going to finish what we started, continuing to make Kansas City a better, safer place to raise a family and a better, safer place to do business.”
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