Monday, January 10, 2011

Skaggs says Runnion says he plans to resign Port Authority chairmanship

Port Authority chairman set to step down

    The chairman of the Kansas City Port Authority is apparently prepared to step down from that post — but not from the authority’s board.
    Trey Runnion told Councilman Bill Skaggs on Thursday that he would leave the post at the authority’s next meeting, set for Jan. 18.
    “Per our discussion today regarding the continuing controversy about my appointment to the Port Authority Board and your recommendation, I am in agreement with stepping aside as Port Authority chair,” Runnion wrote.
    Runnion could not be reached for comment.
    Mayor Mark Funkhouser, who contends that Runnion’s term has expired and that he was illegally reappointed by the City Council, said the apparent resignation doesn’t go far enough. Runnion, Funkhouser said, should leave the board entirely.
    Skaggs, however, applauded the move.
    “Now we can quit worrying about the Port Authority and let all these investigations and audits go,” he said.
    Federal authorities have begun an inquiry into subcontracts involving the authority’s general counsel, William Session, and work done at the old Richards-Gebaur air base in south Kansas City.
    In 2008, Session’s construction company was awarded contracts at the base while he served as one of the authority’s lawyers.
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